28 Mar

Truss Surety Partners of the Year 2016

Truss Surety Partners of the Year 2016

The 2016 Truss Surety Partner of the Year Award goes to… Liberty Mutual Insurance and Zurich. Congratulations! Both sureties provided the highest level of service, and went out of their way to help Truss ensure a successful 2016. We thank you for your service!

We value all of our surety relationships, and we are pleased to represent so many great companies. This award recognizes those sureties that went beyond the normal.

Recipients are recognized for the highest level of service to our agency. One half of the matrix consisting of premium dollars as well as premium growth. The other half, determined from the overall opinions of the entire Truss bond department staff. Staff provides their opinions on the various sureties reviewing their level of service, surety staff continuity, surety accessibility, ease of doing business, etc. The award does not recognize the surety who has simply said yes every time.

Surety Partners of the Year
2016 Surety Partners of the Year
Surety Partners of the Year
2016 Surety Partners of the Year







The Surety Partner of the Year award has been in existence since 2007. Past surety winners include the following:

2007 – Zurich
2008 – United Fire & Casualty and C N A Surety
2009 – Merchants Bonding
2010 – Old Republic Surety
2011 – Old Republic Surety
2012 – Berkley Surety
2013 – Old Republic Surety
2014 – C N A Surety
2015 – Merchants Bonding

Thank you Liberty Mutual Insurance and Zurich, and all of our surety partners for supporting our surety operation!

17 Mar

TrussConnect March 2017

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The March issue of our TrussConnect newsletter is available. Please click here for the complete issue. This month’s articles:

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And the Surety Partners of the Year Are…
Current Trend in Employee Wellness Programs
How a Botched Surgery Led to the Iran Hostage Crisis!

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10 Mar

How a Botched Surgery Led to the Iran Hostage Crisis!

Physician “5-Star” Quality Rankings Not all the Same

By Adam Kroeger, Truss
Client Executive, Benefits
In 1953, the CIA* staged a coup d’état against elected the Iranian Prime Minister and replaced him with a former ruler who had been in exile for years, The Shah. The Shah went on to rule Iran with an iron fist for 25 years.

Wait, What? You didn’t come here for a history lesson? You want to learn something new about health care and benefits? Read on, there is a point to all of this!

In the mid-1970’s, The Shah was diagnosed with leukemia and it was feared his reign was coming to an end. In a last-ditch attempt to save his life, his allies called in the award-winning, “super-surgeon” Dr. Michael DeBakey to save the day. At the time, DeBakey was a celebrity appearing on many of the most popular talk shows in the United States. DeBakey flew to Cairo, performed a splenectomy on The Shah, and went on his way.

Soon after the surgery, The Shah developed an infection, hemorrhaged, went into shock, and died.

The problem? Dr. Michael DeBakey was an award-winning heart specialist. That’s right, the patient was full of cancer and they called in a heart specialist. It’s unknown if he’d ever even performed a splenectomy before. It’s theorized that he punctured the pancreas, and didn’t take the elementary step for this kind of surgery of inserting a medical drain.

Regardless, The Shah died. Cue the takeover of Iran and The Iran Revolution. All leading to the Iran hostage crisis, and the rest is history.

The moral of the story?  You can’t be good at everything.

Specialized Care

Many specialists have fantastic, “5 star” quality scores on websites like healthgrades.com or CMS.gov. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will receive excellent care for your particular treatment plan.

Your Benefit Advisor should not be recommending any managed care or transparent pricing/quality program that doesn’t include information on the quality, and results for the specialized care that you need. If you’re getting a splenectomy, you should know exactly how many splenectomies your physician performs per year, and their outcomes.

Ensure that the data you’re using to make decisions regarding your benefits plan is specific and actionable. Otherwise, you could be sending an employee to the operating table with a physician not suited for the job.

Aside from the moral hazard this creates, improper steerage of patients will cause large claims, a loss of productivity at work, waste, financial wellness issues; etc.

There is a solution

At Truss, our solutions are geared towards creating the most value possible for our clients. This includes:

  • Creating programs to steer employees towards low-cost, high-quality providers that take into consideration the true quality of the physician.
  • Using proven strategies that increase the likelihood of a patient receiving a scientific, analytically-based second opinion that will steer members towards the best care possible.
  • Developing primary care physician programs that decrease the likelihood of a patient needing a specialist in the first place.

At Truss, our proven money saving strategies can be seamlessly inserted into a healthcare plan with little to no employee disruption. For more information, please contact Adam Kroeger at 913-312-5955 or akroeger@trussadvantage.com.



01 Mar

Truss Presents: Millennials in Your Workforce Webinar

millenials in the workplaceJoin us Tuesday, March 7, at NOON CST

By 2020, millennials will make up the majority of the labor force. In this session, we’ll separate fact from fiction when it comes to millennial workers and provide tips on what motivates your millennial employees. You’ll come away with tips and tricks for attracting and retaining awesome millennial talent within your organization.

Register today!