18 Jul

Healthcare Update – The Latest on ACA

Mark Avery
Chief Strategy Officer

The Senate will not pass their health bill.  Four Republican Senators, including Jerry Moran of Kansas, have stated they will not support it. Without at least two of them, it cannot pass.

The obstacle in passing a bill to alter or replace Obamacare for Republican Senators has proven to be that too great; a gap exists between conservative and moderate members gain consensus. Deep divides exist over support for Medicaid, how to stabilize the individual insurance market and the effects of allowing states to opt in or out of portions of the ACA.

What’s next? Immediately there will be a great deal of posturing regarding who’s to blame, what this means for the viability of Obamacare, and  likely, a Republican push toward a straight repeal with “replace” to be determined later.

Such an approach could prove risky. Repeal might be the feel good, rebound reflex for Republicans at the moment, but it’s hard to imagine their moderate members willing to embrace that much uncertainty.

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05 Jul


Verdict out of Southern Florida is the first of its kind

Glendy Shannon, Associate Director, ClaimsGlendy Shannon, Associate Director, Claims

The Southern District of Florida made headlines this month with its ruling against Winn-Dixie Stores stating that their website was inaccessible to those who are visually impaired, violating Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ruling said that when a website operates as a gateway to physical store locations, then a website is considered a public accommodation, and is covered by the ADA.

Plaintiff firms are actively pursuing cases claiming violations of the ADA. Of note, a Truss client received one such claim that their website was not ADA compliant with allegations strikingly similar to the Southern District case; however, this client did not have a storefront.

Because we see an increase in activity in this area, and we want to ensure you are aware of the potential risks.

Here are a few items to consider in light of this ruling:
1. Have you recently reviewed your website to ensure the content is accessible to people with disabilities?
2. Do you have an Employment Practices Liability policy with Third-Party coverage in the event you are targeted by a lawsuit alleging a violation of the ADA?
3. Do you have a cyber policy in place to protect your company against network security and privacy breaches?

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02 Jul


Mark Avery, Chief Strategy Officer

As expected this week the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released its estimate of the Senate health care bill, known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act. The report projects 22 million people would lose health coverage in the next 10 years under the Senate’s plan (15 million of which would lose Medicaid coverage). However, it also projected federal deficit reduction of $321 billion over that same period. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced a vote on the proposed bill is postponed until after the July 4th break.

The proposed bill is not as much of a departure from the AHCA. In fact, it appears to be very much aligned with the AHCA in eliminating ACA taxes and Medicaid expansion. It also would give more ability to individual states in determining how certain marketplace and ACA rules could be altered or applied. One significant contrast to the House bill is, like Obamacare, it bases subsidies on income versus the AHCA’s plan to base them on age. It appears at least five Republican senators have indicated they will not pass the bill as it stands today. One of those senators who came forth Tuesday after the delay was announced is Senator Jerry Moran of Kansas.

We will continue to update you on changes as they happen. Keep in mind that should the Senate bill pass it will still have to go back to the House for reconciliation before reaching the President’s desk. At Truss, we are here to keep you up to date on the latest health care news. If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to your Client Advisor for assistance.