08 Feb

Congratulations to our 2017 Surety Partner of the Year…. Zurich!

We are pleased to recognize Zurich, N.A. as our Surety Partner of the Year. Congratulations! You have been a pleasure to work with throughout the last two years.

At the end of each year, we look back at the year and take stock. One of the most important aspects of the Surety Department is the relationships we have with all our surety partners. We hold each relationship in high regard, but alas each year we must identity just one surety partner that’s provided an exceptional level of service throughout the year. The award recognizes not only the branch manager and the underwriters, but also takes into consideration in the organization who helps the Truss Surety Department to succeed. Therefore we do consider the number of accounting differences, errors and slowness in responding to all of our requests and more.

2017 Surety Partner of the Year

Past award winners include

  • 2007 – Zurich
  • 2008 – CNA Surety and United Fire & Casualty Company
  • 2009 – Merchants Bonding
  • 2010 – Old Republic Surety Company
  • 2011 – Old Republic Surety Company
  • 2012 – Berkley Surety
  • 2013 – Old Republic Surety Company
  • 2014 – CNA Surety
  • 2015 – Merchants Bonding Company
  • 2016 – Liberty Mutual Insurance and Zurich
  • 2017 – Zurich

Thanks again to Zurich for a job well done and good luck to all of our sureties in 2018!

28 Mar

Truss Surety Partners of the Year 2016

Truss Surety Partners of the Year 2016

The 2016 Truss Surety Partner of the Year Award goes to… Liberty Mutual Insurance and Zurich. Congratulations! Both sureties provided the highest level of service, and went out of their way to help Truss ensure a successful 2016. We thank you for your service!

We value all of our surety relationships, and we are pleased to represent so many great companies. This award recognizes those sureties that went beyond the normal.

Recipients are recognized for the highest level of service to our agency. One half of the matrix consisting of premium dollars as well as premium growth. The other half, determined from the overall opinions of the entire Truss bond department staff. Staff provides their opinions on the various sureties reviewing their level of service, surety staff continuity, surety accessibility, ease of doing business, etc. The award does not recognize the surety who has simply said yes every time.

Surety Partners of the Year
2016 Surety Partners of the Year
Surety Partners of the Year
2016 Surety Partners of the Year







The Surety Partner of the Year award has been in existence since 2007. Past surety winners include the following:

2007 – Zurich
2008 – United Fire & Casualty and C N A Surety
2009 – Merchants Bonding
2010 – Old Republic Surety
2011 – Old Republic Surety
2012 – Berkley Surety
2013 – Old Republic Surety
2014 – C N A Surety
2015 – Merchants Bonding

Thank you Liberty Mutual Insurance and Zurich, and all of our surety partners for supporting our surety operation!