08 Aug

Truss Human Capital: Workplace of Respect

Do you want a workplace of respect?

Finally, a new approach to “harassment training.” We’ve all seen the cheesy videos with paid actors and cringe-worthy animations that are often associated with training videos. Preventing discrimination, harassment and retaliation is important for every workplace, and should not just be left to an outdated video or boring lawyer-led lecture.

Workplace of Respect™ is an innovative program offered in partnership with Wolf Prairie LLC that replaces those dated, awkward, and ineffective ‘harassment’ training programs that we’ve all endured.

This real-life learning program addresses all the legal requirements while focusing on the real purpose of this sort of training: Creating a great workplace filled with respect, honor, and welcome behavior.

For pricing and more information on our Workplace of Respect program and workshops, contact 913.735.5354 | jdewolf@TrussAdvantage.com.