Railroad Protective Liability (RPL) is required of contractors who perform work within 50’ of a railroad.

Contractor Requirements:

  • Contractor must carry General Liability limits equal to the RPL limits requested in the form of General Liability and/or Excess Liability
  • Delete the contractual exclusion for work within 50 feet of a Railroad on the General Liability and Excess Liability policies


  • $2,000,000/$6,000,000
  • $5,000,000/$10,000,000
  • Or higher limits as required by contract.


  • Various A-Rated Insurance companies
  • Admitted & Non-Admitted Paper (depending on project)
  • Available in All States
  • Special endorsements can be added as required by contract
    • Evacuation Expenses
    • Environmental Coverages
    • Other coverage requirements

Tougher Exposures are acceptable; however, additional information is typically required:

  • Underground construction, such as tunnels
  • Use of explosives
  • Bridge construction

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