You need to understand all of your options to make the smartest decisions. That’s why it is key that we are an independent agency and that our exclusive AdvanceAdvantage℠ process includes analysis, checkpoints and annual reviews for competitiveness.

Our service cycle works within the four distinct activity areas of the AdvanceAdvantage “i4” process. We collaborate alongside your management team to Identify, Investigate, Implement and Integrate the best possible plans and strategies for your business.


  • Strategic Planning & Data Collection
  • Policy Review
  • Funding & Reserve Review
  • Claims/Utilization Collection
  • Compliance Assessment


  • Healthcare Reform Analysis
  • Request for Proposal
  • Preparation & Submission
  • Audit & Summarize RFP Responses
  • Benefit & Rate Spreadsheet Comparison
  • Facilitate Underwriting
  • Network Analysis
  • Recommendations & Consulting


  • Advance Advantage℠ Service Plan
  • Personalized Service Team
  • Customized “Benefit Packets”
  • Employee meetings & surveys
  • Employee health care advocate
  • CH Client Community
  • Benefit Administration: extension of your HR Department
  • Service Summary
  • Underwriting & Compliance


  • Claims Review
  • Pre-Renewal reviews
  • Renewal analysis
  • Renewal Negotiation with Carriers
  • Normative Surveys
  • Compliance Support
  • COBRA, HIPAA, Medicare Part D
  • Health Management & Wellness