Solutions That Let You Gain More While Doing Less

Our certificate management service leverages a private, secure, web-based software platform to centralize the complex administration of compliance and contracts. Our risk management team manages your certificate strategy with a wealth of experience and inside knowledge on how the process works.

Managing insurance certificates internally takes significant manpower, diligent IT support, specialized expertise, and daily diligence. Let us handle it. We can eliminate your administrative burden while lowering your risks by expertly managing the verification and compliance process for you.

CertSecureTM: Your Own Online Certificate Portal

Our online certificate portal, CertSecureTM, enables clients to issue their own certificates, update certificate holder lists, and reprint previously issued certificates. We’re always ready to help you directly, but CertSecureTM can get what you need right when you need it, regardless of whether it’s the weekend, a holiday, or after-hours.