CertSecureTM: Your Own Online Certificate Portal

CertSecureTM offers consultation and certificate management services from a team of experienced Truss advisors. Access to our online certificate portal allows clients to track and monitor insurance compliance by issuing their own certificates, updating certificate holder lists, and reprinting previously issued certificates.
We’re always ready to help you directly, but with CertSecureTM you can get what you need, when you need it, regardless of the day or time. The verification and monitoring of credentials for your insurance certificates take significant manpower, diligent IT support, specialized expertise, and daily diligence. Our team of advisors helps to alleviate this administrative burden while lowering your business risk by expertly managing the verification and compliance process for you. Solutions that let you gain more while doing less.

Why CertSecure?

  1. Access 24/7 to actual documents
  2. Simple and quick implementation
  3. Fully customizable to your existing standard
  4. Receive expiration alerts
  5. Unlimited number of projects/vendors
  6. Downloadable, real-time compliance reports

Contact Truss today and let us show you how a business risk management consultation and CertSecure can help your business transfer its risk, and meet compliance requirements with ease.