We deliver the tools to understand, the resources to execute, and the support to succeed.

We believe it takes more than assessments, inspections, and analysis to prevent losses. We help you create action plans and implement support that can transform loss prevention goals into real-world, on-the-ground progress.

Learn from the past. Plan for the future.

We begin with a focused, front-end evaluation to gain insight about your loss history. While we use data to gauge past performance, we develop initiatives that align with your future strategic vision and business plans; we recognize that where you’re going is more important than where you’ve been. We then establish a realistic plan of action to improve safety performance, assure compliance, reduce costs, and build a strong culture of safety within your organization.

Loss Prevention with Lasting Results

Your organization has unique needs and challenges. We target specific goals that are tuned to your particular situation and well-integrated with your strategic business plans. More importantly, we design layers of short-term, progressive goals that continually move your organization forward and drive long-term, lasting success.

Live Safe: A Program that Builds a Culture of Safety

Truss’s exclusive Live Safe program reflects our strong commitment to safety and wellness at work, home, and away. The Live Safe program helps you build a solid health and safety culture in your organization to spark positive workplace attitudes and drive real results.

Diverse Services and Resources Within Reach

Your most important resources are your people, and our loss prevention approach puts them first. As every situation brings unique challenges and each industry faces different obstacles, our loss prevention team offers a variety of specialized services and programs to fulfill your needs and safeguard your people. We offer a range of free and fee-based client services delivered by internal staff and external consultants, all with cross-industry experience in dozens of areas.