Blue Cross Blue Shield of KC Opting Out of ACA Exchange in 2016

On May 24, Blue Cross Blue Shield of KC announced that it will no longer offer or renew plans on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) individual market in its service area for 2018. They currently serve a 32-county area in Kansas and Missouri. This decision will affect approximately 67,000 individuals, but it will not affect 2017 coverage.

For further detail, and to read Blue KC’s press release, visit their website at

What You Need to Know About Ransomware

How you can ramp up your network security

A wave of cyberattacks hit in 150 countries on Friday, May 12. Estimates indicate that this latest strain of ransomware – known as WannaCry – has impacted hundreds of thousands of computers. The impact this ransomware has is more dangerous than others due to its ability to spread itself across an organization’s network via vulnerabilities in Windows computers. If you are running Windows, it is recommended that you check your system. All available security updates should be installed immediately.

As its name suggests, this ransomware holds an infected computer hostage and demands the owner pay a $300 ransom to regain access. There is no known fix at this time. Leading industry experts and antivirus companies are working hard to find ways to decrypt files on infect computers.

Tips for combating ransomware:

  1. Always keep your security software updated to protect your system from new threats.
  2. Be wary of unexpected emails, especially when they contain links or attachments. Do you know the sender?
  3. Ensure you have network security liability coverage.
  4. Backup! Attackers hold leverage over their victims by encrypting files. If you have backups of your data, you can restore your files once the computer has been cleaned up.

Do you have cyber liability coverage in place? No? Contact Truss today to speak with a trusted advisor on how you can ensure your business is protected.

For more information specific to the WannaCry virus, and for more tips to combating ransomware, visit Symantec’s website.

TrussU Webinar: Performance Evaluation and Effective Coaching

Great performance management can mean the difference between highly engaged employees and those who are just punching the clock.

Join us on June 6 as we discuss the differences between coaching and progressive discipline, with a special focus on ways to encourage employee development and growth. We’ll also look at some of the common elements of a performance evaluation, which format may be a good choice for your workplace and best practices for conducting performance meetings.


TwoWest Webinar: Estate Planning 101

Join TwoWest on June 22 for a financial education webinar as they discuss estate planning.


Truss Holiday Closing

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