We care about our culture, which is why we continuously strive to enhance it.

At Truss, we believe business success will come so long as an energizing, winning culture is in place. We work hard, but never forget that we can have fun while doing it. Our People and Culture Committee keeps the action going all year long with activities and events to reward and motivate our teams.

We seek out people that share the values and aspirations defined by our pledge. Our pledge is a written set of values and principles that we use to guide and drive us in our professional endeavors. At Truss, integrity and character are just as important as career drive, and we prove it by pledging it – every single one of us. In fact, every potential hire is asked for his or her pledge commitment before the first day on the job.

Our Pledge

Lead by Example – We are the change we wish others to make. Be a part of the solution.

Build and Value Strong Relationships – With trust, honesty, and integrity, we listen and respond to the needs of our associates, clients, and strategic partners.

T.E.A.M. First – Share and collaborate. Working Together Everyone Achieves More.

Pay It Forward – We share our time, talents, energy, and resources with our families, associates, clients and community.

Do What You Say You Will Do – Never jeopardize our Integrity. We deliver on our commitments and pay attention to the details.

Commit to Excellence – We strive to innovate and improve every day.

Be Persistent – Tenacity leads to long term success. Never give up.

Process before Product – Respect the process. Value is created by doing the right things the right way – in the right order.

Have Fun – We approach our work and relationships with a sense of humor and positive attitude. Enjoy the journey.