Protecting yourself from employment risk starts with your commitment to preventing harassment, discrimination, and retaliation

Truss provides world-class services for our clients to meet important Human Resources, training, leadership, and employee satisfaction needs. One of those ways is this innovative and effective approach to a very important training requirement. While it’s not technically required by the EEOC for most companies, it’s highly recommended for demonstrating your commitment to prevent and respond to cases of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.


It’s not about what’s legal… it’s about doing what’s right.

This unique training program uses plain language and a common sense approach to appeal to employees’ sense of decency. It truly aims to change hearts and behaviors rather than “check a legal box.”

No more hokey videos with paid actors, cringe-worthy animations, or boring lawyer-led lectures! This real-life learning program addresses the legal requirements while focusing on the real purpose of this sort of training: Creating a great workplace filled with respect, honor, and welcome behavior.

EEOC “Approved”
While we can’t claim to have the EEOC’s endorsement, we can say that this training program meets all the tests and requirements of the EEOC to be considered “effective training.” This is critical if it’s ever used as a demonstration of your commitment to preventing discrimination, harassment, and retaliation. 

How it Works

Using a proven learning model as a guide, we help clients “flip the classroom” by using a content video that can be viewed in advance whenever logistically possible. This allows participants to gain an understanding of the content at their own pace before attending a group workshop. Participants then gather for an interactive workshop to allow for application, Q&A, role playing, and hands-on learning.

Following the workshop, a series of text messages or emails are sent to reinforce the expectations, remind participants of the important points, and encourage real-life application. No other harassment training program on the market today takes this extra step!

Free Employee Complaint Reporting Service

Truss program clients also receive an externally managed employee “hotline” service to receive anonymous complaints from their employees. This is preferred by the EEOC, and highly recommended by attorneys to demonstrate commitment.

While we always recommend employees work with internal leaders to resolve concerns first, this program allows them to contact an outside liaison for help in making their complaint known. Employees simply text a Key Word or call a toll free number to submit a formal complaint or express a concern. A trained representative will document the complaint and pass it back to your point of contact for investigation if applicable.

Optional Investigation Services

Clients who prefer to have complaints externally investigated may request that service on a case-by-case basis. Additional hourly fees apply.


Program participants receive “certification” as an official Workplace of Respect!